Black Unemployment Draws Criticism

Black Unemployment Attracts Criticism

Rumors of the dating demise of single black women have been greatly exaggerated. According to the latest relationship stats and Nightline specials, a black woman with a degree has a greater chance of fitting one-size-fits-none skinny jeans onto her bootylicious booty than finding a comparable African American mate.

How long are black men going to blame us for all the issues in the black community? They do whatever the hell they want to do, then have the nerve to question us and our actions as if it’s our fault why they can’t get it together. If they want us to submit, then they have to prove that they are trustworthy. Until then, we’re the boss!

Black Unemployment Draws Criticism

If you know that your reading is not up to par be smart enough to admit that you need help learning to read better. Every library has, or can direct you to a literacy program to help you learn to read better.

The term « angry Black woman » is very derogatory, but it is used to describe many Black women who seem to be irritated or angry about life for no apparent reason. But I think if we all took a close look at the Black community, and watch the way white women black men dating site treat Black women, we will see why Black women are so « angry. » They have to carry the weight of the whole family on their own shoulders, with little to no help.

January is also the 250th wedding anniversary of George and Martha Washington, and on display January 12 through February 23 are Mrs. Washington’s wedding slippers, which have not been exhibited at Mount Vernon in over 30 years and due to their fragile condition will not be on display for many years to come. « Mrs. Washington » will recount her happiest days of marriage during a special free performance in the Robert H. and Clarice Smith Auditorium every Saturday and Sunday in January at 2:00 p.m.

Rock’s documentary reveals that if you’re a black man… the quest for good hair factors into your dating choices and married life. One man notes if he sees a woman with an expensive weave… he knows she’s « out of his league »… or, indeed his beyond his bank account’s ability to fund the ongoing, regular upkeep of his potential lady’s costly coif.

Even now, dating sites for white men seeking black women of all ages give me the most unwelcoming looks, and sometimes talk to me rudely. I’m a nice girl, I look at people and smile. I always say, « Hey, how ya’ doin' » to people I don’t know. I usually get it in return, but I don’t always get it back from white and black dating sites.

What is King Kong? Not the movie, but the character. He’s an ape on an island inhabited by black savages. It’s an island that, according to the map used in the movie, doesn’t appear to be in close promixity to Africa. I’m not sure where Skull Island is, but it’s prehistoric. There are dinosaurs and other denizens of our preliterate past. Stuck in this time warp are dark-skinned human beings. And Kong himself is dark. He is their god. He is their Michael Jordan, if you will.

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